9 Roller Bottle Remedies

Roller Bottle Remies

I love making essential oil roller bottle remedies to keep on hand and to have available for when my husband goes on his long under-ways or deployments. I’m going to list a few of my favorites here and how to make them!

What you will need:

  • 10 Ml roller bottles
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)
  • Essential Oils
  • Plastic Droppers (Optional)

Keep in mind all recipes below are intended for 10Ml size roller bottles. If you’d like to make smaller ones, like the 5Ml bottles (I love carrying these in my purse or sharing with friends), just cut the recipe directly in half and you’ll be golden! Also remember, less is more! Apply less essential oils, more often!

The recipes listed below are intended for adults.

First Aid Blend: Apply to scrapes, bumps, bruises and minor cuts to help soothe them.
10 drops of Lavender
10 drops of Frankincense
10 drops of Melaleuca
Top with FCO

Focus Blend: Apply directly to wrists and inhale deeply through nose, exhale through mouth. Also apply to back of neck throughout the day.
10 drops of peppermint
10 drops of wild orange
Top with FCO

Sore Muscles Blend: Massage into sore/aching muscles.
10 drops peppermint
6 drops clove
10 drops wintergreen
6 drops black pepper
Top with FCO

Sickly Blend: Apply to lymph nodes, neck, spine and feet when feeling under the weather.
10 drops Oregano
15 drops Lemon
15 drops Melaleuca
15 drops protective blend*
Top with FCO

Headache Blend: Apply to temples, forehead and back of neck and massage in for ease of head tension.
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Peppermint

Calming Blend: Apply to wrists / pulse points and inhale, apply to back of neck and bottoms of feet.
20 drops Calming Blend*
20 drops Grounding Blend*
10 drops Cedarwood
Top with FCO

Uplifting Blend: Apply to wrists, down spine and on the bottom of your feet. Inhale deeply through nose and exhale.
5 drops Wild Orange
5 drops Lemon
5 drops Grapefruit
5 drops Bergamot
8 drops Frankincense
Top with FCO

Motion Sickness Blend: Apply to wrists, back of neck and massage into stomach/abdomen.
20 drops Peppermint
20 drops Ginger
Top with FCO

Seasonal Blend: Apply to bottoms of feet, pulse points and back of neck through the day to ease seasonal discomfort.
10 drops of lavender
10 drops of lemon
10 drops of peppermint
Top with FCO

These roller bottle remedies are what work for me. I’m happy to share them with you, but remember that essential oils work differently for each person. You may have to try these out as a base for creating your own blends to tailor better to your needs. For example: Peppermint is an oil that I am sensitive to, so I prefer to use less of it than other. Although, it’s my FAVORITE when I have a crazy headache because when I apply it on the back of my neck, the cooling and tingling sensation really helps ease my head tension. Just remember, everyone is different so results may vary. But I am confident these will work for you or you’ll be able to put together something based on these recipes. Feel free to send me an e-mail at essentiallyjamie@hotmail.com if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils or just need some help! I’m willing to offer all the knowledge I can!


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