How to Copyright your photos with Photoshop

Copyright your photos in photoshop

How to copyright your photos in Photoshop with a quick and easy action you can make yourself.

I would consider myself an amateur photographer. I like to take photos but I am definitely not a professional by any means. With the ages of internet and sharing everything you do online, a lot of people post their images to their websites, blogs, Facebook, etc. Implementing a copyright in the file information will help you tackle plagiarism with one more quick and easy step. This may not deter people from stealing your photos like a giant watermark would, but it will definitely help be able to help you in the long run.

Instructions to copyright your photos with Photoshop:

  1. In photoshop, open the image that you’d like to copyright.
  2. Go to window > Actions (alt+F9 on PC). Make sure your actions window is shown.
  3. Create a new action set and name it Copyright, or whatever you’d like to name it. This looks like the little folder at the bottom of the Actions window panel.
  4. Now, this is when you the record button at the bottom of the action panel. This is how you will start recording your movements to ultimately complete your action.
  5. After starting recording, go to File > File Info. (see photo)Copyright your photos with photoshop
    6. Now, it’ll bring up the file info. (see photo) This is where you’ll be able to type in all of your info. I like to type: © Jamie Sullivan, 2016. All Rights Reserved. Then I also add my website. Feel free to add any information that you’d like to have available.Copyright your photos with photoshop
    7. Choose “OK”. You’ll have saved the information and you’ll notice the © (Copyright symbol) now in the image name.
    8. Now, go back to the actions panel and click the square “stop recording” button.
    9. You now have an action that will easily imput this information in all of your images. Just simply hit “Play” and the process is automated!
And there you have it! Enjoy and Copyright away!



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