Deployment Checklist

Deployment! The Dreaded D word. Well, here is a deployment checklist to make it just a bit easier. We all know that deployment rolls around faster than you know it and preparing for it is sometimes mind-boggling. Let alone, all the work ups, and time away from your spouse that just make it suck even worse. When I am trying to prepare I feel like everything is going mach 2 speed and I can’t keep up! Between making financial plans and pairing those 42 pairs of black socks that seem never ending and like they don’t have a pair, it’s tough to juggle it all. I have made this list to help you tackle many of the most asked questions by military spouses. I probably haven’t covered everything, but I hope this is a jump start to strike up more to-do’s in that brain of yours.

Here is a quick, detailed check list for you and your SO to go over together. Some things pertain to your active duty military member and some pertain to the spouse, it’s good to prepare together. I hope this printable deployment checklist will help you! (See Below for printable image)


Deployment Checklist


You can either click directly on the image to open a printable PDF. or CLICK HERE to open and print!



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