5 Best Apps For Deployment

So, If you’re reading this, I am sure you are preparing for deployment or maybe a long distance relationship. This 5 best apps for deployment list will help you stay just a bit more sane and connected to one another. These apps are the ones that I personally use the most and think that you’ll find helpful.
 apps for deployment

Best Apps For Deployment:

It’s free and is a good messaging app, I love the fact that I can record a quick voice message easily and send it on it’s way. It will stay in the message history so when your SO is able to turn on their phone and be in a safe place, the message will load right in and be sure to make their day. Also, I love the fact that I can create a shortcut directly from my SO’s contact and make an icon on my phone. It’s so easy that I just tap on it and it loads right into our messaging browser. Super simple.
Deployment Tracker (android) / Doing time (iPhone):
It’s a great countdown app. I like this app because it’s a good way to see a visual graph of how much time has elapsed for deployment. You put in the deployment date and then homecoming date and it will give you a graph, and show your completed percentage as well as how many days are completed and how many are left.
Another good messaging/video chatting app. I like to use this app on my phones and computers/tablets for video chatting. My husband and I have come to the conclusion this is the one that works best for us. He’s in the Navy and we find that when he is in port, this app works best for us for video chatting and then we use WhatsApp on our phones to text. I suspend his phone during deployments to save money, but when connected to WiFi, the texting app works like a dream.
I’m obsessed with this app, I use it to make ALL sorts of lists. I love the fact that I have it on my home computer but can also sync it with an app to use on my phone while I am on the go. This makes it super simple for me to keep grocery lists, addresses, important phone numbers and contacts. You will love using this app if you’re a list oriented person like me.
Clock Widget:
I have a Samsung phone but I am almost positive there’s something like this on all phones. I use a clock widget to where I can have a dual clock mode up. It takes up a tiny bit of a page on my phone. Yes, I have a page dedicated just to deployment. Anyways, I have a dual clock that shows my time and the time where my husband is. I’m sure you know it’s hard to keep up with the time changes and differences between 3 hours, 7 hours 9 hours and bouncing between those frequently. I honestly wish I would of done this for my first deployment, it would of made things so much easier. It’s hard to keep track of the time and this definitely helps.
I hope this list of my most used apps for deployment helped you

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