4 steps to staying positive when there’s a deployment extension

What do you mean, DEPLOYMENT EXTENSION!?

In the military community, we all dread the rumors or extension, but when it actually happens, how do you handle it? I admit it, I open a bottle of wine and invite some girlfriends over to share in the misery. Laugh, cry, binge watch some Netflix and bake some brownies. But that’s all I allow for the deployment blues to creep into my heart, one long night.

Here are 4 steps to staying positive when there’s a deployment extension.

Hardship Pay  (after 220 days)

So, we know the military isn’t the lifestyle of the rich and famous and no we definitely are rollin’ in dough. I actually calculated it up and it’s something like an extra $17.00 dollars a day. Woo! Lol, But hey, there’s 17 more reasons to go get yourself the Large ice cream instead of the small. Or save up to go out to eat once a week and have a girls night to celebrate. Hey, if you want to try to be responsible and make an extra payment on that credit card, you go for it! I think I’ll take the large, double scoop of rocky road instead.

More time to reach your goals

I admit, extensions suck. But one thing I always do is make a list of goals and try to accomplish as many as possible and I always feel great checking another one off the list. Setting goals and striving for greatness is great for the mind, body and soul. One more thing that I’ve accomplished that I can share with my husband. Whether it be a lifestyle/weight loss goal, taking a class, or just trying to check off some items on that deployment bucket list. You have a bit more time to get through it! I agree, it’s a tough silver lining to see, but try to keep positive.

More Care Packages

Who doesn’t love decorating care packages and spoiling their military service member with goodies. This is important, not only for you – but for your significant other. Deployment is HARD on everyone, imagine how finding out you’re extended and you are going to be away from your family longer. The worst! Care Packages are wonderful for letting your service member know they’re in our hearts and that we can’t wait to see them. I am sure that more care packages and love will lift their spirits. Send away!

Nothing Lasts Forever

Remember that nothing lasts forever. It sure does feel like an eternity. The days on the calendar look long, but it will come to end. It’s definitely an emotional experience when you plan for 9 months and deployment really ends up being 12.  Once again, being in the right mind of positivity and trying to see through rose colored glasses is key.

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