5 Military homecoming tips for a great welcome back!

So it’s that time, HOMECOMING! The end of each deployment has been the best moment of my life, it’s beyond exciting. Here’s a list of tips and advice compiled by me and a few of my Navy Wife friends.

Don’t have any expectations.

The most important thing I have learned being in a relationship with a military man is that nothing ever goes the way I think it should. I have low expectations so that I am never disappointed. That may sound a bit sad…yeah, okay – it does. BUT, I can assure you that because of my low expectations everything comes to me as a surprise and a blessing. For example, I don’t ever expect to get phone calls while my husband is deployed, but when I do.. ohhh they make my entire week! I am sure you can relate.

Attire – Dress comfortably.

Believe me, it doesn’t matter if your wearing that super sexy dress and lingerie or some jeans and a hoodie. Your spouse is going to love you for being there and they’re not going to care what you are wearing! I was planning on wearing a skirt and crop top with some cute heels but I decided to go with flats. Let me tell you, I’m glad I didn’t wear those heels. I was on my feet waiting for almost 6 hours! Wear comfortable footwear is my best piece of advice.

Plan ahead.

The days leading up to homecoming are just as important. Make sure to be aware what gates are open, and what types of ID you and your family need. Having a military ID was easy, you can just drive right through. If you have family coming in from out of town driving on separately, they need to have their ID’s ready and make sure they have base access. Contact your FRG for more information, they were a wonderful resource for me and my family throughout deployment and they should have all the answers for you!t

Hire a photographer.

I’Homecomingve had the chance to enjoy (sarcasm) two deployments while being with my spouse, and I didn’t hire a photographer for either one. Luckily, my mother came to this last one and snapped this homecoming kiss. (photo to the right). Photographers book up fast and their price ranges vary and many are willing to work with you to capture your special moment. I think capturing the moment you are reunited with your loved one is special and something to remember forever. The high feelings of excitement, overwhelming joy and happiness is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Make a sign.

Make a welcome home sign. There’s tons of cute ideas on Pinterest with witty and clever sayings so your spouse will be able to pick you out in the crowd! I always have a blast making my sign and my husband always loves to see what I’ve come up with. Personally, making my sign the night before homecoming is one of my favorite rituals and it puts my nerves at ease.

Also, www.buildasign.com/troops is a fabulous resource. They will make a banner for free (you have to pay S&H, I paid 20 dollars) and you can get a banner made to put outside on your house, apartment railing or car. It’s such a fabulous extra WELCOME HOME to have a banner displaying when your spouse arrives home.

Military Homecoming Tips



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