4 reasons why you should open an Etsy shop

Are you asking yourself why you should open an Etsy shop?

Are you a talented designer or skilled crafter where everyone admires your work? If you have such incredible talent, you should share it with the universe! Etsy is a fabulous place to start sharing your work and creations. It can help you become an entrepreneur and teaches you how to learn new skills needed to run a business. Do you have that drive to be your own boss? Etsy is a great place to start working for yourself and create a side income. Maybe even eventually be able to run your shop full time and have a reliable income working for yourself!

On the plus side, it has all the hard technical stuff covered. Etsy has a full marketplace, tons of shoppers/customers that visit the site daily for thousands of beautiful, different products, that people create. Why not be one of them? The most important part is that it has all of the tools like: shipping, communication and a reviewing system for feedback with an easy to use interface that only takes minutes to set up. If you are thinking about opening an Etsy shop or wanting to become your own boss. Check out these reasons below. (Check out this blog post: How to open an Etsy shop and get 40 free listings)

Marketplace Ready

Etsy has millions of shoppers, tons of shops and millions of items for sale. The Etsy marketplace is like having your own little online boutique at a craft show. Each storefront is different and yours can be anything you wish. Take time to hone in on our craft and set up your own shop and be ready to sell in minutes!

Etsy Trusted

Getting your first few customers is the biggest part of the struggle on Etsy. Once you get some sales and a few positive reviews, you’ll start being noticed more by the shopping community. Etsy is a well trusted site and many shop on their marketplace. It is definitely a good place to get your foot in the door. Focus on great customer service and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Great for beginners

Not only is Etsy great for beginners, but it’s easy for everyone. Etsy makes is so simple to set up and open a gorgeous shop. With all of the techie stuff taken care of, Etsy walks you through the shop process and has a great forum for any questions. It is the perfect place to open up shop and then transition into your own identity or stay right where you are.

Extra Income

Extra income and being your own boss is the biggest appeal to opening up your own Etsy shop. When you can work for yourself, make your own hours and do something you love… why not do it?

Check out this article, How I made 50,000 in revenue my first year on Etsy for more tips!


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