Why you need a Power Of Attorney as a military spouse

Having a Power of Attorney (POA) while your spouse is deployed is very important. It’s a must-have item on my preparing for deployment checklist. Why you ask? Have you ever spent hours on the phone trying to deal with paying a bill, come to find out they wont let you because you are not on the account?

My WORST experience is when I tried to upgrade my broken cell phone. You know how IMPORTANT it is to have a working cell phone while your spouse is deployed. The fear of a missing a phone call, video chat or e-mail is horrible. Even though I was on the account, I wasn’t able to upgrade my phone without a POA because my husband was the primary line. I struggled and luckily, I was able to go home and bring my POA into the nearest store to make some changes. It could have been much worse!

My “OH THANK GOODNESS I HAVE ONE” moment was when my husband deployed and a week later I had to sign all the paperwork to close on our house. That was dreadful, talk about a hand cramp for days. But luckily, it all went smoothly because we had all the paperwork in place so I could act on his behalf. If we didn’t have all the important documents, we would of lost the house we now live in. It’s important to have all of your paperwork and important documents taken care of before your spouse deploys.

How to get a Power of Attorney:

Now, I’m not sure about all different branches, but my husband was able to go into the legal office on his ship and acquire the correct paperwork to fill out. Very simple. I especially liked this one because it covered all the basics like banking, bill paying, medical, etc. Look into getting a General or Special POA to best suit your needs.

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