You opened your Etsy shop. Now what?

You opened your Etsy shop, now what? When opening your Etsy shop it can be overwhelming at first. Take a deep breath, you did it! You made the decision to get more serious about that hobby of yours. My goal for this post is to help you run your Etsy shop more efficiently to ultimately drive more sales. Everyone wants sales, right?

Self critique your shop

Evaluate tags/keywords
You can use up to 13 tags on Etsy, you should definitely be using all thirteen. Finding the right tags and keywords to use will be a bit of trial and error, but my biggest suggestion is to pretend like you are the buyer. What would you search for to find your item? For example: If you’re selling a red knit scarf that you made with reclaimed yarn. I would suggest your keywords be “red knit scarf”, “ecofriendly red scarf” instead of just “red scarf” or “scarf.” Think key phrase instead of keyword. You can use up to 20 characters on Etsy per keyword entry.
Write enticing descriptions
Descriptions are the selling factor of your listing. Aside from product photos – this is how the buyer can really get to know your product. They can’t touch, smell or see their product on themselves. You have to describe every bit of your item to allow your buyer to really envision owning that item. Describe the feel of your red knit scarf, the smell of that sweet vanilla candle, or how your one of a kind print will be a lovely addition to their gallery wall.
How are your product photos?
Product photos are what draws your buyer in. This is their first impression – make it count! My fool proof way to know what photos to provide are: one photo with the product by itself on a bright background, one photo with the product styled. One photo with the product alone lets buyers see the product with no fluff, what you buy is what you get mentality. Next, one photo where the product is styled. This is important because it helps the buyer imagine what it could potentially look like in their home, or they can picture themselves wearing the product.
For example: you could take that red knit scarf and show it on a model, depending on what you want you could crop the photo so it doesn’t show someone’s face. This allows the buyer to image themselves wearing it. You could also style the scarf in a flat lay photo with an outfit you think it would look cute with. Let the buyer imagine styling your scarf with their own wardrobe.

Don’t stress over daily statistics

Instead of daily stats, check weekly and monthly. Are they staying the same or improving?
Don’t fret over daily statistics. Yeah, it’s easier said than done. I prefer to look at weekly and monthly statistics so I can really check my growth. I take time to check the Stats, Impressions of my promoted listings and to see where my traffic is coming from. Keep checking your growth and take note. I also keep a spreadsheet on my computer so I can track my monthly views to reference. This way, I can really see my growth quickly and assess which months were higher than the other so I can then go back and review those statistics in detail.
See where your traffic is coming from. Is there anything you can do to drive people to your Etsy shop? Don’t rely solely on Etsy traffic.
Where is your traffic coming from? If most of your traffic is from the Etsy website and app, look into ways you can drive buyers to your shop. Social Media is a great tool to incorporate into your marketing plan. I personally love to use Instagram and Pinterest. I recommend trying to master one social media platform at a time. After you master one, move onto the next. When you spread yourself too thin on social media, you can burn yourself out without gaining results.
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  1. Jamie

    I saw your blog on Pinterest and clicked the 40free etsy listings when I went to open my shop. It didn’t work so I emailed support and they asked what’s the name of the etsy shop that referred me . Please help

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