Tips to surviving slow Etsy sales

Do you ever experience slow Etsy sales in your Etsy shop? Dreadful isn’t it? Oh how we wish we could roll around in all the “cha-chings!” Well, I have a few things that I like to do during my down time to better my shop and productivity. Here’s a quick run-down.

Work on new listings

Preparing new listings is great for a few reasons. You can add more items to your shop to draw back in old customers and reach new customers. Etsy loves when new items are published and favors them in search results. Relevancy is great for the Etsy search algorithm. If you don’t have any products to list, try renewing a few products.

Descriptions, Titles & SEO

I know that I can discussed this before, but SEO is so important. Make your SEO flawless and check out this article. Re-evaluate your descriptions and sprinkle a little keyword magic throughout them. Especially in the first few sentences. But make sure it is readable and all flows together.

Double check your titles, are you using all of your keyword phrases? Lets say you are selling a Workout Tank Top, if I was to write a title it would look something like this: Workout Tank | Gym Tshirt | Womens Workout Shirt | Funny Workout Tank | Gym Tee | Workout Shirt . It would look something like that to generalize it. Of course sprinkle in keywords that are specific to that shirt/item you are selling.

Revive your product photography

Do you have some listings with average photos? Try spicing them up. Are some of your products not getting the views you like? It may be your photos. Remember that your listings photos is how you draw someone in to click on your listing. Think “Window Shopping” and really grab their attention.

If you are struggling with your photography, try natural light by a big window. Use a white foam core board, a wooden background or something that matches your branding. Maybe try throwing in a few styled photos with other items from your shop, or props that accentuate your item. I love natural, bright light. I also sometimes edit my photos with Photoshop to brighten them up, just a touch.

Re-Vamp your Social Media graphics & plan

This, so much this. Instagram drives a lot of my traffic to my Etsy shop. Take time to PLAN your posts and while your working on your photography, think about pictures you can snap that you can use for your social media marketing. I love to style photos and Instagram is all about that visual eye candy. Make your photos pop off the screen and really grab your followers attention. Don’t get lost in the endless scroll with everyone else.

Hopefully these tips will help you combat those slow Etsy sales periods your shop may encounter. If you re-do and implement these few things, I am confident you’ll have better luck!


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