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How to follow up on a wholesale order like a PRO

Are you learning the wholesale side of biz? Following up on a wholesale order is important. It lets your buyer know that you care about them and helps build your wholesale relationship. These are a few simple tasks that I do when following up to help close the deal on a re-order. So let’s craft your killer follow up e-mail.
First, write a nice, personable and simple e-mail thanking them for their purchase and alerting them that their order has shipped and that you’re happy to help with any questions they may have regarding the order.
Next, Two-three weeks later, follow up with an e-mail expressing that you hope the products are going well in their store, send them a google doc feedback form link and ask how you can better serve them.  This is great for clients/buyers to give feedback on your products, how their customers are liking the products and what their thoughts are about them. BONUS TIP: Google Doc’s Forms allows you to import the data into a spreadsheet. This knowledge is so helpful.

Questions for the follow up form:

  • Ask business/store name
  • Their Name
  • Where do they sell the products (I give multiple choice answers here. Online Only, Brick & Mortar[BM] only or Online & BM)
  • Ask what the best sellers are – provide check boxes of your products. Select all that apply.
  • Ask which products are slow sellers
  • Product movement topic: When do they mark down items (I give choices. 30 days, 45 days, 60 days or other)
  • Ask how likely they are to re-order
  • If “not likely”- why?
  • LASTLY — thank them for filling out the survey. I ask if there’s something they’ve been wanting to sample and I send them a free product to express my gratitude.
Wholesale Follow Up
I have received amazing suggestions/insights full of helpful information this way. At the end of my feedback form, I ask if there is any product they’ve been wanting to try and I send them a free sample thanking them for providing feedback and most of the time it results in a bigger sale because they add that item onto their next purchase order.
The key is to know how to capture your buyers attention with your products and marketing to sustain a profitable wholesale business as well as following up and showing your wholesale buyers that you appreciate their business. The more they succeed with selling your products, the better it is for you.

Wholesale follow up


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