Influencer Marketing for your Business Strategy

Influencer marketing is becoming a HUGE way to market products in the business world. Leading industry giants are using social media to spread the word to their target markets and are extremely successful. Studies have shown that influencer marking is way more effective than ad’s or even a businesses own social media post.
The key is to finding your industries target market best influencers. This doesn’t mean the ones with the most followers. Why you ask? Well, you can buy your followers. Look for the influencers who have a following who engages in their posts and genuinely trusts what they have to say. This makes “selling” seem more of like a friend sharing some of their favorite products with each other and not pushing a sale. Remember: Content over Followers.
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Influencer Marketing


Approach your influencer marking strategy just like you would any type of expense in your business. Create a budget/plan and follow through. You can even often trade services or products. Give referral codes or run a collaborative contest of some sort.


So, this is different than paying Facebook 20 dollars to run an ad for 3 days. It’s a little more complex, but it can also be ongoing or it can be a one time deal. First, establish your goal.
Raise brand or product awareness
Increase sales
Gain new customers
Ideal Influencer:
This is when knowing your target market is very important. Having a checklist to help find your ideal influencer will definitely help you in the long run.
Things like: follower count, engagement rates (comments/likes), Influencer experience, etc.


You’ll have the best luck if you look at brand influencer marketing as a partnership and not a transacation. Sure, you can offer products/money for x amount of posts and then split ways. But if you offer a “partnership” and nurture the influencer relationship – you could get much bang for your buck. Offer referral codes or commissions – This may help that big influencer push your  brand in front of their audience more.

Influencer Marketing
*Make sure to follow FTC guidelines. You have disclose you are posting an ad or sponsored product. A simple #ad will do the trick! If you don’t you could get in trouble.
Check out the FTC Endorsement guide info: Here.

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