Hey there. So you found your way to my ‘About Me’ section. Well, if there was a quick way to describe me, it would be something like: serial idea maker, one woman show, super support giver and dog lover.

However, you probably want to know my credentials – So, I am a business owner and lover of all things revolving around being self-made. I have successfully ran two businesses, making over six figures in retail sales as well as jumped into the wholesale game grossing over 50,000 dollars in sales to retailers in one year and having my handmade products in over 40 stores across the US.

Since you are here, reading my about page – I want to bet that you are interested in building a business and sharing your amazing ideas with the world.

But maybe you…

  • Don’t know where to start.
  • Need help growing your tribe and developing a loyal community.
  • Feel overwhelmed and need a support system to guide you through and cheer you on.

No matter how far along you are in your journey of being a self-made entrepreneur, you have the ability to succeed if you have the right drive, focus and a great attitude.

My motto has always been: “I’m a grown ass woman, I can do what I want” and that’s that! Believe in yourself and your ability to grow a successful business that can bring you joy as well as some cash money.