5 Essential Oils for Kids Learning at Home (whether you signed up for it or not!)

If you had kiddos at a school age in 2020 chances are you had to do some type of at home learning!  I learned a great many things in 2020, but one huge realization was this;

I LOVE my children and I LOVE teaching, but I do NOT love teaching my children!  (Don’t judge me!)

I needed some tools to help us all focus and get through each day at home (sneaking chocolate in the pantry just wasn’t working…).  So I went to my oils cupboard and did some research.  Here are 5 oils that really helped us!

  1. Marjoram – Not a common oil you would think of, but it can help with relaxation.  Relaxing in the morning Jamie?  This doesn’t mean laziness; just that those brains can relax enough to actually FOCUS on the task at hand! 
  2. Peppermint – Here’s a well known oil for you!  We personally found the smell energizing and felt more “awake” in the morning.  ALSO helpful for those sore back muscles after leaning over 3 kiddos to try to help!
  3. Grapefruit – Seems weird right?  Well, it actually smells sweet (without the bitter taste of the actual fruit!) and is very uplifting.  The kiddos requested it every single morning.  It is also high in limonene so read up on that a bit!
  4. Thieves blend – If you know you know!  We all love the smell; a “spicy” blend; more like a fall scent, but it’s used year round.  We dilute it and roll it on the bottoms of our feet; there’s a legend about it boosting your immune system (who knows), but it DOES actually help with cold & coughs… aka bye bye runny noses at the kitchen table!
  5. Lavender – Referred to as the swiss army knife of the essential oil world, lavender’s benefits are almost endless!  The main use pertaining to learning was diffusing lavender in the evening to calm those bodies & brains down.  It also came in handy when cooking class resulted in a very minor burn (although you would think the world was ending if you were there!) and went into my face cream at night… cuz I’m pretty sure I aged 5 years for every week we were at home!

I hope this helps you; whether you’re currently learning at home or are preparing for the inevitable!  I’ve also included our general diffusing “schedule” below! 

Morning blend – Marjoram, peppermint & orange.  Wake up happy & turn on the brain power!

Early Afternoon blend – Add a couple drops of grapefruit for some playful energy to GET OUTSIDE!

Early Evening blend – Lavender with cedarwood, orange or ylang ylang.  Starting the wind down.

2 thoughts on “5 Essential Oils for Kids Learning at Home (whether you signed up for it or not!)

    1. essentiallyjamie Post author

      Of course! For diffuser recipes you can really play with how many drops, but this is what I did;
      Morning; 1 Margoram, 2 peppermint & 3 orange
      Afternoon; Top off the diffuser with water (don’t dump out the water and oils that is still in there) and add 2 drops of grapefruit.
      Evening; 2 lavender, 3 cedarwood, 1 orange (or ylang ylang).
      You can really play around with it; find what you love! Stay around 6 drops TOTAL!


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