Are Supplements Necessary?

Are supplements necessary?

This is a topic that I have always struggled with!  If I eat properly, why would I need to supplement my diet?!

So, there are many different reasons why your diet may need a bit of support, but what I really want to touch on is the QUALITY of our food.  WHY would I consider taking a vitamin when I eat healthy & whole foods?

Unfortunately, the soil and farming practices have “devolved” over the years.  Our soil is being depleted by being used for multiple crops and never given even one season to replenish.  Instead, chemical fertilizers, agrochemicals and other methods were introduced to increase the yield of crops without using crop rotation.

Ummmmm ENGLISH please, Jamie; I didn’t grow up around farms! 

Sorry, I get heated!  Here’s a quick diagram of traditional crop rotation (still used on many farms!) a link explaining the “Green Revolution” These are the main methods how crops are grown. 

Now there are obvious advantages to having more food available (like not starving maybe?!), but we have to recognize that the food we now consume does not have the same nutrients and quality as pre-1960(ish).  In order to fill those gaps in nutrients we use supplements!

So I suppose I’ve finally come around to the question… YES supplements are necessary; different for everyone though.  One pill filled with binders and coated in wax is NOT going to properly supplement your diet (if at all!)!

Just like there are different qualities of food, there are different qualities of supplements so do your homework!  Keep in mind that different vitamins are absorbed in different ways and areas, best absorbed with or without food, best absorbed with another complimentary vitamin or mineral, etc.

It can be overwhelming, but don’t give up!  The first place I would start is NOT taking a full out “multivitamin”.  Vitamins, A, E & K are examples of fat soluble vitamins… if those are in the same tablet/capsule as vitamin C, B or other water soluble vitamins you are only going to absorb 1 type or the other!  (or none in the case of some multivitamins that come out the bottom end still in pill form!)

We want to give our bodies the best fuel we can and just fill the gaps where it’s needed.  Hence the name supplements!  Everyone will need different vitamins and will benefit in different ways.  Obviously, some of us have lower levels of some vitamins than others!

Supplements may be daunting at first, but I promise it gets easier and is 100% worth it!  I was AGAINST them for years, but the more research I do, the more I realize that I was all wrong and can better my body quite easily!

Contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat; I know this post was a little long, but your body and brain will thank you for reading it!

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