Author: essentiallyjamie

Is Ingesting Essential Oils Safe?

HOT TOPIC ALERT!! First of all, these are MY experiences, educated opinions and testimonials!  Also?  There is NO cut and dry answer to anything; you do you!  (Really helpful, right?!)  Looking to empower you to make educated decisions for you and your family! The first time I was encouraged to ingest an essential oil was […]

WHY Live a Natural & “Oily” Lifestyle?

You hear that you should live more naturally, and it kinda makes sense, but you don’t exactly know WHY it’s important.  Why change how you’re doing things in life if there’s nothing “wrong”? You may not feel AMAZING mentally & physically and that means your body is not at its most optimal health!  You don’t […]

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

You may be thinking “is there actually a difference?” and that’s exactly what I used to think!  Unfortunately I was wrong… We’ve established that essential oils are the tiny unadulterated molecules that have been extracted from a plant.  Fragrance oils are simply synthetic compounds that have been meshed together to smell a certain way; not […]