Author: essentiallyjamie

Natural Sleep Aids that WORK!

NO, I’m not talking about passing out from a little too much wine with a friend! As always, I am here to share NATURAL suggestions, not prescription or drug store products.  I wish I had this information when I only got 2 hour bursts of sleep with a newborn that didn’t nap (and then added […]

How Essential Oil Diffusers Work

This may seem an odd question to some, but it’s an important one!  Why would I buy a diffuser if I can use essential oils topically?  Well let’s think of how a diffuser actually works. There are 4 different “types” of diffusers; nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat & evaporative.  I’m talking about ultrasonic diffusers today.  They have […]

How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms Naturally

When spring is near it means sunshine, greenery, mud AND those fantastic allergy symptoms… This year there’s also dealing with those side glances and nervous steps away from you because you may have the dreaded virus *sigh* (for future readers… This is March 2021!) I’m not getting into what’s specifically CAUSING your allergy symptoms, although […]

5 Essential Oils for Kids Learning at Home (whether you signed up for it or not!)

If you had kiddos at a school age in 2020 chances are you had to do some type of at home learning!  I learned a great many things in 2020, but one huge realization was this; I LOVE my children and I LOVE teaching, but I do NOT love teaching my children!  (Don’t judge me!) […]