Essential Oils and Your Hair!

When it comes to my hair it is most definitely my biggest vanity; I have what’s called “virgin hair” (I giggle every time I hear it!).  Embarrassing fact?  I cried when my mom trimmed my hair when I was young!

Fast forward just a “few years” and I was using allll the products to make that “virgin hair” shine!  Imagine my surprise when I started learning that those products were FILLED with toxins that were actually harming my hair, skin and entire body! (

What does this have to do with essential oils? Well…

I had previously heard that oils could help with hair health, but didn’t even think of it until I started seeing the results in other areas of my life.  So, I dove into another rabbit hole to see if there was any truth to it!

Bit of a sidenote here; unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of research published about essential oils.  There are many reasons, but I believe the biggest reason is that essential oils work with YOUR body and systems so it’s hard to get concrete numbers & “proof” of change.  This is partly why I can’t make actual claims about oils and their effects for some things, but I most certainly will let you know what works for me and have many more testimonies at the ready!

Ok, back to the topic at hand!

I’m a mom of 3 here; don’t want to be spending the little amount of “me time” doing extra hair masks allllll the time.  So when I saw a spray to just spritz on daily I jumped on it!

Super easy; grab a glass spray bottle (I use 8oz), pop in your oils of choice (I usually combine 3 oils with the total drops around 15), top off with water & shake well before you spray each time!  We know oil and water don’t mix so shake every few spritzes!  Here are the oils I use and some possible benefits you can read up on!

Cedarwood – stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth

Rosemary – improves circulation in scalp, hair growth and stimulates hair roots

Lavender – shine, deep conditions and helps regulate dandruff

Geranium – strengthens the hair

Peppermint – improves circulation in scalp and promotes hair growth

Tea Tree – heard that lice don’t like the smell & I have kids in school!

Ylang Ylang – scalp soothing and strengthens hair

AGAIN; NOT claims on what is proven; just what I use in my hair and have noticed that it looks and feels healthier and stronger.  I wish I would’ve taken pictures!

I use essential oils in my hair; lots more hacks (hair treatments, “hairspray”, detangler,  etc), but this is the super easy one that gave me results!  Let me know if you want some more info, tips & recipes!!

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      1. Leslie

        Update: I made a detangle spray based on a recipe you gave me and I love it! I use it all the time. It’s effective and actually good for my hair. Thanks!

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