Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

You may be thinking “is there actually a difference?” and that’s exactly what I used to think!  Unfortunately I was wrong…

We’ve established that essential oils are the tiny unadulterated molecules that have been extracted from a plant.  Fragrance oils are simply synthetic compounds that have been meshed together to smell a certain way; not any kind of natural scents!

Those scents that used to smell soooo amazing in candles, before my body kind of “detoxed”, (peach, watermelon, cotton candy, pina colada, etc…) have now been put into some kind of “oil” form and are sold as a fragrance oil.  It’s extremely frustrating as we now know what those synthetic fragrances do to us!

Fragrance oils are synthetic compounds mixed together to smell like whatever consumers are looking for.  Whoever decided what watermelon smells like anyhow?  I mean, I LOVE watermelon, but I can’t say that it smells like whatever companies have decided!  Most certainly not what I smell when I smell a watermelon rind (in fact, I don’t really know what that scent is…).

What REALLY gets me?  Under the term “fragrance” a company doesn’t have to disclose ANY ingredients and will put many dangerous ingredients under this heading!  Therefore a “fragrance oil” doesn’t have to list ANY ingredients as it’s allll fragrance (not even colouring or preservatives)… scary stuff my friend!

So, I suppose the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils is that one is natural and the other is synthetic.  Why does this even matter?  Take a read on this previous blog post as it gives a bit of insight into what synthetics can do to us;

You may have to look closely at the labeling, but you have to be your own best advocate and know what you’re using!  Eg… a well known body care product store sells lines of “aromatherapy with essential oils” and has only ONE product that has “essential oils and other natural fragrances” with NO list of an actual botanical essential oil name… In Canada you are required to list the Botanical name (eg. Lavandula angustifolia for lavender) of an essential oil or it won’t be approved; bottom line?  It’s not essential oil at all… it’s a synthetic fragrance oil that gives me a headache when I walk even past the store!

Long story short?  There is NO advantage to using a fragrance oil… There are MANY disadvantages and damages that these “fragrance oils” do to you, your family and even your pets!  You need to be your own best advocate and decide what’s best.

I hope this helped you!

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