How Essential Oil Diffusers Work

This may seem an odd question to some, but it’s an important one!  Why would I buy a diffuser if I can use essential oils topically?  Well let’s think of how a diffuser actually works.

There are 4 different “types” of diffusers; nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat & evaporative.  I’m talking about ultrasonic diffusers today.  They have a little metal circle (the ultrasonic plate) on the bottom of the water reservoir that vibrates the oil molecules and water together into micro droplets.  This mist is then dispersed all throughout the room!

There’s the “sciency” part; now here’s the part you actually want to know!

Using a diffuser is ridiculous easy; Fill to the fill line with water, add a few drops of oils, put the lid on and turn it on!  The rule of thumb for how many drops of oils is approximately 3-5 drops per 100ml of water; obviously you need to consider the size of the room and the potency of the oil too.

In my diffuser (120ml) I usually have 5-8 drops and it is in my open concept kitchen/living room.  My kids have smaller rooms so I put 3-4 drops in.  It’s best to have your diffuser on intermittent mode, especially at night, to get the full benefits all night long.  The main diffuser runs all day because I love having the amazing scents and benefits all day!

There are 2 main reasons to use a diffuser;

  1. Keeps your house smelling amazing WITHOUT nasty synthetic fragrances
  2. Reap the benefits of essential oils aromatically throughout the day & night (we all know I love to stretch my dollar!)

Feeling a bit stressed?  Put a few drops of lavender and Stress Away in your diffuser.

Need a pick-me-up?  Try some peppermint & lemon!

I love playing around with different combinations that “fit my mood” or suit the season.  There are blends that you can make to smell like your old favourite candle scent (that you threw out after learning about synthetic fragrances!).  My kids love the fruity pebbles blend (2 lemongrass, 2 grapefruit & 1 bergamot).

I actually started out just diffusing oils to replace my candles & plug-ins and wasn’t really aware of all the benefits I was getting from them at the same time; I just liked how they smelled!  Now you know the basic mechanics of HOW a diffuser works, and WHY it’s beneficial to use one!

So yes, you can use essential oils without using a diffuser, but you’re missing out on an easy, effective and affordable method of using your oils!  What are some of your favourite scents?  Let’s see what we can come up with using our oils!

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