Is Ingesting Essential Oils Safe?


First of all, these are MY experiences, educated opinions and testimonials!  Also?  There is NO cut and dry answer to anything; you do you!  (Really helpful, right?!)  Looking to empower you to make educated decisions for you and your family!

The first time I was encouraged to ingest an essential oil was simply a drop of lemon in my water (had to be glass or stainless steel obviously).  I was leery because that one little drop is soooo concentrated, but I felt ok with trying it out.  LOVED it in my glass bottle that I can shake, but didn’t love in just a glass when the oil was just on top; too strong for me!  That being said, I know many people who do this with absolutely no issues.  Comes back to listening to you and your body!

You may, or may not, know that ingesting oils is a very controversial topic; some believe that oils should NEVER be ingested; some people throw ALL caution to the wind and try whatever without knowing anything about it.  Unfortunately, both of these groups usually pass along these opinions without any reasoning behind it.  So, others are either not experiencing some amazing benefits or are putting themselves at risk!

So, here I will give you just a little information so you can choose for yourself; also give yourself the grace to change your mind & continue asking questions; that’s how you grow!

Let’s take lemon essential oil; it doesn’t have the acid in it because it’s the rind; not the fruit!  So, unless you have a raw & compromised esophagus there shouldn’t be any reason NOT to ingest PURE essential oils.  This is also where you need to really look into what you’re buying; you do not want to be ingesting any synthetics or pesticides!

Just think about it logically; if you’re putting it on your skin it’s being absorbed into your body.  ALSO your esophagus & stomach lining is not made of Styrofoam; put a drop of oil on your skin.  Does it burn through?  Didn’t think so!

ALSO though; drinking a glass of water with peppermint sitting on top COULD cause a burn over time so listen to your body!  These are highly concentrated drops of magic!

Bottom line?  Stick to your comfort level!  Keep learning from trusted sources and listen to your gut!  Even if you KNOW something is safe and you’re still uncomfortable DON’T DO IT!

Along with trusted sources, friends and testimonials I follow Jen O’Sullivan and Lindsey Elmore (many more as well, but those 2 are the most relevant for this topic!).

Now, I ingest many different oils comfortably including a drop off peppermint in my iced coffee; sooooo goooood!  A couple drops of lemon on fish, asparagus, broccoli, etc.  Couple drops of oregano in lasagna & pasta sauces. A drop of basically any of the citrus oils in my water.

I also keep empty capsules to ingest oils that I want for more “medicinal” purposes, but your mouth is too sensitive (or just taste gross).  Do you ingest essential oils?

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