Managing Headaches Without Medication

We have ALL had a headache so this probably peaked your interest pretty quick.  I used to have DAILY headaches; thankfully not anymore, but I’m a human so I still have them every once in a while. 

As I was learning more in my “natural living” journey I had read into the harm that acetaminophen and ibuprofen can do to our bodies (oooooh this is a juicy & sciency future post!).  I figured there HAD to be something else that could help.

So I did what everyone does and searched online for “natural ways to get rid of a headache”.  I got things like; get adequate sleep, keep hydrated, lower your stress, drink coffee (or don’t consume caffeine at all!), go to a quiet and dark room….

Seriously??!!  My kids were 6, 5 and 3… I don’t think so!  YES those are all really important things (except no coffee… obviously that person is delusional), but they’re preventative and restorative measures.  NOT how to get rid of the beast attacking my brain!

FINALLY I thought; “I’m going to try one of these oils” without really knowing which one or how to use it!  Remember; JUST starting out in the unknown natural world; beast attacking my brain; 3 mini monsters vying for mommy’s attention! 

FOCUS Jamie!  (applies Stress Away blend) I’m back!

The oil I reached for was PEPPERMINT.  I was pretty sure I had heard something about a friend using it with success. 

I put a drop of peppermint on my fingers and applied across my forehead, massaged my temples and down my jawline… WOW.  I felt huge relief almost immediately and that beast was completely gone within minutes.  That was quicker than any pill I could pop AND I didn’t have to worry about the side effects of those pills (get excited for that post my friends!)

If you give peppermint a try PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you don’t get close to your eyes though!  Thinking back, the smell was very powerful (which is a good thing quality wise) and my day could have taken a completely different and terrible route.  My goal here is to help not hinder or hurt!

Obviously, I didn’t just carry around my bottle of peppermint & deal with daily headaches.  Thankfully, I found the root cause of those headaches and dealt with it REAL quick!

This is just my account of what I did and what happened; I am NOT a doctor remember, but I can’t sit back and NOT share what has honestly changed so many aspects of my life! Also note that you may try something else that works better for YOU! Don’t be afraid to explore (safely)!

I sincerely hope this can help you to explore alternative options that work; we just need to open our eyes a little wider.  I’m an open book so reach out and we can chat and see if some more natural options can work for you too!

6 thoughts on “Managing Headaches Without Medication

  1. Anna Roberts

    Peppermint oil can be so helpful. I have definitely reduced the amount of advil and tylenol I take in a month by using Peppermint oil as soon as I feel a headache starting.
    Still working on the root cause


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