Natural Remedy for Your Stomach Ache

As a parent you know what the culprit usually is… do you need to poop??  Actually, that rings true for adults too I suppose!  What can you do though?  Your stomach hurts already & there’s no magic “go away” button; even in the “traditional” medicinal world!

I’m going to start with a story here, but a short one, I promise!  So, I have IBS-D; Basically, this means that if I eat certain foods, I need to RUN to the bathroom… as in I have toilet paper in my van and I’ve had to use it!!  Maybe TMI, but you need some context here!

Needless to say, I am VERY familiar with stomach aches of this sort!  The bloated stomach that makes you look 5 months pregnant, insides squeezing and cramping in painful waves and the general fear that you’re going to explode (Bridemaids movie… if ya know, ya know!)!

Alright, now that you’re well acquainted with my bowel movements I can get on with it!

So, here’s some literal LIFE-CHANGING “tools” that a dear friend introduced me to.  You’ve probably looked up that ginger and peppermint help soothe your stomach, but that takes quite some time to make a tea & have something “kick in”.

Enter essential oils (with a cape, wings and a sparkly, magical horn)!  Take a drop of peppermint & rub it on your stomach & see what I mean… it’s AMAZING!!  Then enter an even MORE powerful essential oil; it’s a coveted blend…

Called DIGIZE!!  THIS is where the magic happens; crampy, sore, nauseous, upset, leaky (you know the jingle!) stomach?  Rub this oil blend on your stomach and feel it go away; like a magical button!  Seriously my friend, there is NO reason for you to suffer through even 1 more stomach ache (your kiddos too!).

So, there’s your remedy!  There are many more I could talk about that help, but nothing even comes close to digize!  If you DON’T have this in your “medicine cabinet” get in contact with me!  In the meantime, use peppermint & ginger teas; they DO make a big difference, just nothing compared to what I know/feel now!  Now that we’ve talked about reactive “medicine” I will quickly touch on preventative (where even MORE magic happens!).

Probiotics and enzymes!  I know, I thought it was a fad too… until I tried my enzymes & ate some “trigger” foods (at home… I’m a skeptic!).  Not only did I not have to run to the bathroom, but I didn’t get a stomach ache at all!

That’s another post completely though… probiotics & enzymes have changed lives (including mine!) and warrant more than a couple sentences!  Look into the research on the gut/brain connections though… EVERYONE wins when taking a quality probiotic!

End of the “short” story?  Armed with probiotics, enzymes & essential oils that TP in my van is feeling lonely & useless squished in a corner!

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  1. Danna

    Great read Jamie! Love your blogs! And I would not be without my Digize! I have even convinced “my man” and he has asked for it!

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