Natural Sleep Aids that WORK!

NO, I’m not talking about passing out from a little too much wine with a friend!

As always, I am here to share NATURAL suggestions, not prescription or drug store products.  I wish I had this information when I only got 2 hour bursts of sleep with a newborn that didn’t nap (and then added 2 more kiddos to the mix!).  By the way, whoever said babies eat every 3 hours failed to mention that babies take an HOUR to eat!

Alright, back on topic!

I’m sure you have searched for easy ways to sleep better and have come across many solutions including exercising, lowering caffeine and sugar intake, reducing blue light, stress less, have a sleep schedule, etc…  While these are all amazing sleep aids I am talking about methods that have helped my family and me that are not on the first page of a google search!

Obviously; there are essential oils that can help relax your mind and body and are therefore amazing for bedtime!  We have our diffusers running every night (unless I forget… I AM human!) with a blend of choice.

The kids usually choose between orange, lavender, cedarwood and northern lights black spruce; I usually keep it to 2 oils just to simplify things!  In our room I will choose from lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, orange, ylang ylang and clary sage.  There are MANY more that can help with sleep, but these are usually what I reach for!  Here’s a link to the NHP oils that help with stress and relaxation;

Diffusing at night helps relax our minds and bodies.  This helps to lower stress to be able to fall asleep quicker, instead of staying up, mapping out what you would do if a thief came in the middle of the night (or is that just me…).  Then, as we’re sleeping, we’re breathing in those oils and continually reaping the benefits of the oils; helping us STAY asleep even when our husband is snoring so loud that the neighbour dogs start to howl!

I also have a “sleepy” roller that I apply on my forearms (personal choice of area!) as an extra “oomph”.  Comes in handy when I get up to use the washroom & get back into bed with said husband who has turned into a hibernating grizzly bear!

These may seem too easy to be true, but I promise they’re not!  Essential oils are amazing sleep aids and are so easy to use (obviously they aren’t magical, but they are effective)!  This is why I’m sharing with you; easy & effective?  YES PLEASE!

I would LOVE to know what oils and/or blends you use to assist your sleep!  As always, I will answer any questions you have and help you get what you need!

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