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The BEST Natural Bug Repellent!

You’re lying in bed, almost asleep, when you hear that dreaded high pitched buzz moving around your head…  The infamous mosquitos have arrived!  Before you reach for that stinky spray let’s dig in to why you DON’T want to (besides having to shower again!) & what you can use instead!

Those sprays you see on shelves are, surprise surprise, NOT supporting your new natural lifestyle! (remember that Think Dirty app &

You’ve probably heard that DEET isn’t the best for you, but it keeps those bugs away and anything else you’ve tried just isn’t cutting it, right?  Well, let’s talk about deet for a bit!

DEET was created by the US Army in 1946 to be used in insect infested areas and came into general usage in 1957.  It has been on a list to test for endocrine disruptors since 2014 with the EPA…

Ask yourself this… If DEET ISN’T bad for you then why has Health Canada banned anything with over 30% of it (even though there’s still products with 99%)?  You HAVE to be your own best advocate!  DEET is labeled as poisonous if ingested & shouldn’t be applied to open wounds… well putting it on you is seeping into your skin and bloodstream; let THAT sink in for a minute!

You know how essential oils and their aromas work now right?  Just by breathing in those molecules they travel to your brain & all over your body; so, what do you think is happening with everything else?  The SAME thing!!!

Alright, rant over!

Now we come to the next step; ditching the deet and switching to natural!  There are a few things our family does to help ward off those pesky ‘squitos using essential oils; diy spray, diffusing, “diffusing” on bracelets or clothing & an outdoor blend oil rub.  ALL of these are ridiculous simple and quick (notice a pattern in these blog posts with that?!).

For the spray I use glass spray bottle & spray everyone down just like a traditional spray, except that I’m comfortable letting the kids use it & I don’t care if they just want to spray it on because they like the smell!  Obviously still don’t get it in your eyes; that’s just common sense!

For diffusing I actually take my diffuser outside (or put different oils in at night to help drive them out of the room!).  I also put a drop of oil on my diffuser earrings, bracelet, shirt collar, hair tie, etc… basically anything that will absorb the essential oil!

For the outdoor oil blend rub it’s pretty self explanatory… rub in on your skin (has essential oils with sesame oil which is said to repel bugs) and go enjoy the outdoors!

Some oils we use; Purification blend (also good for bites!), citronella, lemongrass, lavender, spearmint, geranium & rosemary.  I would start with purification just because it’s pre-mixed & super versatile!!

Have you used any natural bug repellants and did they work?

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  1. Leslie

    I have made probably 6 different bug spray recipes! I for sure have one favourite that I find works best! And it’s so great knowing what I am soaking my skin in isn’t poison.

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