The ONE Thing You Need to Stay Cool in the Heat!

No, I’m not talking about a pool!  Quite a bit of maintenance and if you’re at home you can just put your feet in ice water!

It’s when you’re lying awake at night sweating away; at the playground because the kids are oblivious to temperatures; boiling in the tent camping; thighs sticking to the seat (you know it’s true!).  Those times that you just NEED a quick cool down to get some sanity!

Well, you came to the right girl… I’m a freckled redhead born in the winter in Alberta; not exactly made for hot weather!  I wear sunscreen year round and scoot around trees to stay in the shade.  So, you better believe I would find something to stay cool in those sweaty situations!

One word; PEPPERMINT!  Essential oil, that is.  It will be your new summer best friend (or menopausal!).  You know that it’s refreshing so it just makes sense, right?  The first time I was introduced to peppermint essential oil to cool down I thought “ok, I’ll try it, but there’s no way this little drop is going to do anything”

I put a small amount (as in less than a drop) on the very base of my skull/top of my spine.  I felt nothing and was quite disappointed, but honestly a little victorious that I could prove google wrong.  As you can guess it didn’t end there!

All of the sudden, I felt a cool tingling sensation slowly radiate down my neck… then I experienced what I can only explain as a feeling of cooling down from the inside out!  Now, I use peppermint essential oil for many things, but cooling down is a big one!  Here are 3 more ways it can be used easily in seconds to beat the heat!

  1. Put a few drops in a small aluminum spray bottle & fill with water.  Shake well (oils & water don’t mix!) & spray all over; a quick cool down mist you can keep in your purse or beach bag!
  2. Pop 10 (or more) drops in a 5ml roller bottle & top off with your fav carrier oil.  Roll on the back of your neck, forehead, behind your knees, ankles, temples, wherever!  That roller can stay in your pocket or beside your bed.
  3. One drop in that iced coffee will do the trick!  If you have a drink with no milk or creamer then the oil will be on top; shake or stir well before each drink so you don’t have all the oil sitting at the top.

There you are!  The quickest, easiest & simplest ways to cool off when you’re running a little hot!

A disclaimer; I ONLY use Young Living essential oils!  There are some that are approved for internal use and are labeled as such; the + line in Canada, vitality in the USA.  PLEASE do not ingest (or use!) any other essential oils and ALWAYS use your best judgement!

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  1. Danna

    I love peppermint oil, but never really thought of using it to cool down. Great tip! Thank you!

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