WHY Live a Natural & “Oily” Lifestyle?

You hear that you should live more naturally, and it kinda makes sense, but you don’t exactly know WHY it’s important.  Why change how you’re doing things in life if there’s nothing “wrong”?

You may not feel AMAZING mentally & physically and that means your body is not at its most optimal health!  You don’t have to settle for mediocre or “ok” for yourself OR your family.  You are made for everything to work synergistically together and when something is a little “off” NOTHING works exactly as its supposed to!

God took the time and sight to create you perfectly… do you think He didn’t have a purpose for you?  I truly believe he gave us all these amazing tools in order to live our best lives and fulfill our purpose!

Alright, a little more philosophical that the norm here, but if you don’t dig deep big change will never happen!  Ps… I totally get it, change is HARD and digging deep & being honest with yourself is even harder!

What the heck does this have to do with natural living and essential oils Jamie?!

Well, let’s dig in a bit; just some basic “surface” info for today!  Essential oils are just ONE area of tools in your toolbox, so we’ll stick with those in this post!  Remember; essential oils are plants (description here).  Aka natural tools you have access to become the best you!

Why are natural tools better for mental & physical health than those aisles in the supermarkets?  Your body and brain are MADE to use them!  You weren’t created by robots in a warehouse, right?  So why would you support yourself with synthetic tools?!

Those synthetics can actually be extremely harmful or, at minimum, just not absorbed/used to their full potential.  Let’s ignore the harmful ingredients in those other “tools” for right now (if you’d like to read up a bit on them check it out here😉 and just focus on these natural tools.

Let’s say you are tired with barely enough energy to even feed those kiddos running around; never mind play along!  Well, you COULD reach for an energy drink OR you could roll on or diffuse some uplifting and energizing essential oils that work WITH your God-given biology instead!

Lemon (most citrus essential oils) is HIGH in D-limonene, which just happens to be the main ingredient in anti-depressants… NOT saying you should come off of any medication, but may as well try a drop on the back of your neck & see what happens!

Peppermint is uplifting in those stressful & overwhelming situations too; try the same thing!  These tools are CRAZY EASY to use!

So, long in-depth story condensed?  Your body works best with the natural “fuel” it was created to use; find what works for your body and USE THEM!!

What are your reasons for living a more natural life?  What has been the biggest change?!